Vortrag von Ilya Kolmanovsky

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DI 04.04.2023, 19:00 Uhr

Gasteig HP8, Saal XMünchenHans-Preißinger-Straße 881379

Veranstalter: Lyzeum 2 e.V.

What does AI know about us but won't tell us, and what can AI do but won't tell us how?

Deep learning neural networks are one of the most advanced tools in the world. Both adults and children are rapidly learning how to work in collaboration with AI. What should be done with the brain in order to become more stupid, but smarter at the same time?

They can read our minds, suppress depression, search for goods and music according to our preferences. But what if this is a black box? Can we still use it? And what human skills will remain our prerogative?

Scientists are very much like humans, and they have similar problems. Deep learning neural networks are already exploring the mysteries of nature, and here is good news: scientists have received powerful tools to fight cancer, study the brain, and search for new drugs. In this case, most often we get the desired results as if from a black box that does not know how to explain how new knowledge was obtained. Will we unlearn how to ask deep questions and look for answers to them?

Ilya Kolmanovsky will answer these and many other questions at a lecture organised together with the centre of additional education Lyzeum 2 e.V. that will be held in Munich on April 4 at 19:00 in the Gasteig HP 8 hall at Hans-Preißinger-Straße 8.



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