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DI 15.03.2022, 20:00 Uhr

TechnikumMünchenSpeicherstr. 18, im Werksviertel Mitte81671

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Präsentiert von Einen Hab Ich Noch

If the adagium ‚third time’s the charm‘ holds any truth, Hooverphonic surely knocked it out of the park with their third album ‚The Magnificent Tree‘.
The now classic album added quintessential hits ‚Vinegar & Salt‘, ‚Out of Sight‘ and ‚Jackie Cane‘ to the band’s canon, and contained their instant evergreen ‚Mad About You‘.

Twenty years down the line, not a single song sounds out of date (or out of sight, for that matter) and not a whimsical musical moment was wasted.
What better way to celebrate twenty years of ‚Mad About You‘ with a new concert tour and the unexpected return of singer Geike Arnaert? Reenergized and eager, the trio can’t wait to go back on the road and perform a mesmerizing mix of old and new. There’ll be something for every fan, and a few deep cut surprises.

Never outnumbered and always one step ahead, Hooverphonic has a few sonic tricks up its sleeve. Please allow The Magnificent Three to wow you. Quite theunmissable concert experience. See you up on the road – and please, stay safe!

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Beginn: 20:00 Uhr



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