Puss in Boots

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28.04.2024 - 18.05.2024

Münchner Theater für KinderMünchenDachauer Straße 4680335

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Puss in Boots 
after the Brothers Grimm
for children from 4 years 

Jack is not well. His father, the miller, has died, which is already very sad. But the mill and the strong donkey have been given to his brothers, and Jack has inherited only a tomcat. But “Purr” is a very special tomcat: he can talk, sing and dance. And he promises Jack that he doesn't have to worry about his future anymore. Purr wants to take everything in hand; however, he would definitely need a pair of boots. And off they go. Purr, now Puss in Boots, catches partridges, the king's favorite food, and than tells everyone it is a gift from his master, Count John. He persuades the peasants to lie for him that all the fields belong to his master. Now Jack only needs beautiful clothes. He also gets them by a trick of Purr. The last thing the cat needs to do is to get his master a castle. There is a castle nearby, but it belongs to the evil wizard Marlos. If Purr should also manage to outwit the wizard, Jack would certainly be allowed to marry the beautiful princess. Will he succeed? Put on your boots, come along and find out.  

"Puss in Boots" is a typical play for the little ones. Because they can support their clever hero with good advice. After each scene Purr, the tomcat, comes to the children and discusses with them the next step. And because everything always goes well, there's no need to be afraid. At the end, with the "Great Wizard Marlos", it gets a bit scary. But Marlos is so clumsy that there's nothing to be afraid of. Besides, the children are protected by Puss in Boots himself.



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