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Panivalkova (Ukraine) is a female multi-instrumental trio formed by Ira Luzina, Irina Kulshenko and Daria Pugachova. The band started to perform in 2013. Music of Panivalkova is a combination of tenderness and witty irony in the lyrics with passion and energy. They name their style “sensitive minimalism”.

Panivalkova sing in five languages : Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, English and French.

Ira Luzina – vocal, ukulele, keyboards, percussion, melodica
Irina Kulshenko — vocal, piano, keyboards, accordion, ukulele, castanets
Daria Pugachova – vocal, drums, percussion

In 2017 they made their first European tour in Germany, Poland and The Netherlands. They also played one show in Helsinki, Finland. In 2018 Panivalkova performed at ESNS/ Eurosonic Noordeslag festival.

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